On Sunday, September 1st in the Sky Gallery at Graine’s Art Garden we hosted the grand opening party of Mathilde Vhargon’s exhibit of digital paintings entitled “LEAVES”, an exploration in bold colors and flowing forms of one of nature’s most ubiquitous symbols. Taking inspiration from Chagall and Turner, but producing images uniquely her own, Mathilde makes visual music with these paintings that herald the coming autumn. Each painting is rich in color and texture, inviting the sort of sustained gazing that rewards patient investment. But the avis who came to Mathilde’s party also had fun dancing to the awesome music provided by DJ Sparrow Letov-Meredith, and her bag of blues, jazz and classic rock. Mathilde, the lady of the hour, was resplendent in a yellow-leaf dress (she’s the Tiny squirrel in the photo). We had many visitors, including several Tinies, but SL was being unusually cruel that afternoon and many of us (myself included) found ourselves crashing, and only partially rezzing (that’s me missing hair). Yet these obstacles did not deter us from the swift appointment of our fun and the party even spilled overtime to accommodate both late comers and those who simply did not want to leave.
Mathilde Vhargon’s LEAVES is on display in the Sky Gallery at Graine’s Art Garden until October 1st. Take the teleport at the LM and please visit every turret at the end of every stairwell as well as the main dome to see every painting. Thank you!